Free Textures and Models

This page is dedicated to free items for use in Poser or DAZ|Studio that I have and, hopefully, will create.

Since I am mostly interested in creating fantasy/RPG renders in 3D, I have always been on the lookout for clothes and textures that would fit that genre. However, I have been unable to find leather/studded leather armor for my renders.

In an attempt to remedy this situation, I began work on a texture set to turn the DAZ Tunic sets for various figure into workable armor. My first installment was a leather texture set for the tunics for the Victoria (3 and 4) and Stephanie Petite figures.

There two sets, one for use in Poser and one for use in the free DAZ|Studio application. The blue leather version is modelled by my character Elarion on the the right. Here are the links to download either texture set:

After I released the Leather Tunic Textures, I realized that I could have also released matching textures for the boots in the Tunic Set. I have now remedied this. Additionally, since they share the same UV mapping, these boot textures will work with Tunic Sets for the Michael 3 and David 3 figures from DAZ:

As a follow up to my previous texture releases for the DAZ Tunic sets, I have created a matching set of textures for the M3 and D3 tunics. These are available below: